NFITT Guidelines and Procedures for Working Groups and Discussion Groups


Working groups (WGs) and Discussion Groups (DGs) are two major mechanisms INFITT provides its members for discussion and analysis of any issue in the realm of Tamil IT. They differ in their purpose and modus operandi but both are valuable forums for the pursuit of INFITT’s mission. They offer technical and other advice to the INFITT Executive Committee (EC) in order to achieve its objectives, which include development of standards, norms and guidelines related to Tamil IT and Tamil Internet. A major difference between the two forums is this: WGs are organized with well-defined deliverables with an estimated time frame for conclusion. DGs do not have to have a clear outcome, though they also need a clear statement of purpose for functioning as a DG. The latter are exploratory in intent while the former are problem-solving in intent.

WGs and DGs are essentially on-line discussion forums, taking place via mailing lists. However, members of WGs and DGs usually have an opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting once a year during the annual Tamil Internet Conferences organized by INFITT.


Name Status
WG01 Tamil Glossary of Technical Terms Inactive
WG02 Tamil Unicode Active
WG03 Tamil Internet Domain Names Inactive
WG04 Tamil 8-bit Glyph Encoding Closed
WG05 Tamil Transliteration Inactive
WG06 Tamil OCR Inactive
WG07 Tamil Linux Inactive
WG08 TUNE (Alternate 16 bit encoding) Closed